Hello Folks:

I’ve been in contact with the DEP this past week regarding the second herbicide treatment schedule for Lake Arrowhead to treat the Variable Leaf Milfoil infestation.  We’ve come to an agreement on the area to be treated along with a price that LACC can afford to pay from funds that have been raised through our fundraisers and membership donations.

The map attached highlights the area to be treated.  As stated by the DEP’s John McPhedran “The objective of the treatment is to knock-back growth of Myriophyllum heterophyllum in an area where manual removal has been very challenging.  Reduced growth here will reduce fragments coming from the area around Brown Brook inlet into the rest of the lake.  There is potential for treating adjacent areas in subsequent years under a revised management plan.”

LACC would like to have treated the area where the Naiad treatment began in July, effectively linking the areas.  Unfortunately, the cost to do this was 120K.  This is why we now have the revised area in yellow on the map.  The DEP noted in correspondence, “As this treatment is management of an existing established infestation, LACC is paying for the treatment. The approximate cost of the treatment including herbicide concentration analyses is $55,600.  The contract for treatment services is between DEP and Solitude Lake Management.  DEP will initially pay for the treatment and will execute a MOU through which LACC will reimburse DEP for treatment and herbicide analyses.”

As with the Naiad treatment, the DEP will be sending notices to the abutters of the area to be treated.

I will be posting the DEP notices at LAC Beaches along Leisure Lane that are in the treatment zone along with both boat ramps contained with this note.

Future treatments of milfoil in other areas of the lake will also need to be funded by LACC.  As we look to expand fundraising activities to raise these dollars, we look to you, our members, to help us with creative ways to reach our goals and continue our DASH program.

See you on the lake.

Mike Fitzpatrick




On August 29, 2023, part of Lake Arrowhead will be treated with herbicide to control the growth of Variable water-milfoil (Myriophyllum heterophyllum), an invasive aquatic plant

Herbicide Applied: florpyrauxifen-benzyl (Trade name: ProcellaCORTM EC)

Certified Applicator: SOLitude Lake Management® 590 Lake Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545, tel. (866) 480-1271

The following water use restrictions on the ProcellaCORTM EC label apply to the treatment area:

  • Do not use lake water for hydroponic, greenhouse or nursery irrigation before contacting Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP, see contact information below) to confirm the herbicide has dissipated
  • Do not use lake water for any residential or non-agricultural irrigation (such as shoreline property use for irrigation of residential landscape plants and homeowner gardens, golf course irrigation, and non-residential property irrigation around business or industrial properties) for 3 days following treatment. Turf may be irrigated immediately after the treatment
There is no label restriction on recreational uses, including swimming, but Maine DEP advises against swimming and boating in the treatment area on August 29, 2023 as an added safety precaution.

 A map showing areas to be treated will be posted online at this website https://www.maine.gov/dep/water/invasives/.


John McPhedran, Biologist
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
(207) 215-9863; [email protected]