Ledgemere Dam Info

Ledgemere is a 450 kW facility at the outlet of Lake Arrowhead. It was built by the Limerick Water and Electric Company and entered service in 1909. Ledgemere produces over 2 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy in a typical year. It is exempted from FERC licensing as FERC Project No. 8788.

Eagle Creek Energy Renewable Energy is the owner of the Ledgemere Dam.  https://www.eaglecreekre.com/

 Ledgemere Station Lake Level requirements (Feet)
With upper Flashboards in place
High = 308.00
Medium = 307.00
Low = 306.00
Or 305.00’ to 307.00’ without upper flashboards in place (MDEP)
Friday before Memorial Day to Monday after Labor Day
High = 307.50
Medium = 307.00
Low = 306.50