We are so proud of our LAC Community, we had 13 homes sign up for our contest!!  The judges and Board Members had a wonderful time driving around and checking out all of the lights.  We thank you so much for your effort in bringing a bit of holiday cheer.  

Because we had such a great turnout for this Event, we look forward to continuing it in the future!

The judges have selected the following winners:

First Place: 110 Deer Crossing Road, Limerick.
Second Place: 81 Mayfair Way, North Waterboro.
Third Place: 74 Old Portland Road, North Waterboro.
Fourth Place: 123 Old Portland Road, North Waterboro
Fifth Place: 168 Beaver Dam Road, North Waterboro.
Honorable Mention: 20 Crescent Drive, North Waterboro.
Honorable Mention: 44 Old Portland Road, North Waterboro.

We will be mailing out Gift Cards to Merrill’s Country Store to the Top Five Winners!

Happy Holidays to all!!


Following is a list of addresses for the Holiday Light Contest Participants ~ If you would like to check them out:

59 Beaver Dam Road, North Waterboro
168 Beaver Dam Road, North Waterboro
20 Crescent Drive, North Waterboro
81 Mayfair Way, North Waterboro
501 New Dam Road, North Waterboro
14 Old Portland Road, North Waterboro
44 Old Portland Road, North Waterboro
74 Old Portland Road, North Waterboro
123 Old Portland Road, North Waterboro

110 Deer Crossing Road, Limerick
15 Leisure Lane, Limerick
10 Shady Circle, Limerick
78 Silver Lane, Limerick